Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Our first Headteacher's blog

Introduction to the new Headteacher's Blog
In October 2003 I wrote my first In-Site message, it announced the arrival of the school’s new newsletter and the desire by myself and the other members of staff at the school to develop a close working relationship with yourselves based upon excellent communication systems. The newsletter contained only two black and white photographs and a number of brief articles which covered items such as the opening of the new LRC, fundraising activities to become a specialist school and for ‘Helping Hands’, together with a review of the annual Hi & Bye concert and an acknowledgement of Alice Leake’s achievement of becoming the National British Schools orienteering champion. From this very simple beginning,In-Site has served the school well, recording and recognising the achievements of students and staff,in over 60 editions during the last ten years.

In this technological age, however, we now feel that a half termly In-Site newsletter is no longer the most relevant method of relaying the successes and experience of our students to parents, carers and guardians. As a result of our extensive communication systems, we now often publish as much information in a week as we did in a whole half term in 2003. Our twitter account, website, email and texting services mean news from the school is instantly published. In addition our School App, means that information from the school is also available, even when one is on the move. This edition of In-Site is, therefore, to be the last in its current form.

As we say goodbye to In-Site I would like to announce the launch of its replacement, ‘The Headteachers Half Term Blog’. This blog will contain much of the same information contained in In-Site, but in an electronic format. Access should be available to all through apps on smart phones, as well as directly from the school website. The blog will still carry my half term message, as well as comment on the successes, events and activities of the students at Selby High School. In addition it will contain notices of important future events and links to news stories. Although this is the last edition of In-Site and the end of an era at Selby High School, we are all looking forward to seeing how our new Blog develops, together with reflecting on its success in 10 years’ time!

Paul Eckersley B.Ed.[Hons], MA, NPQH